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Liz Karter MA, Advdip

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A practicing counsellor and psychotherapist quailified since 2001 I have worked with many leading UK addiction treatment agencies. In 2010 I established Level Ground Therapy the London based treatment service specialising in gambling addiction in women. As the many clients I successfully helped at Level Ground then referred their friends and family to me for problems of all kinds, I established Liz Karter Counselling and Psychotherapy; a branch of Level Ground Therapy  dedicated to my clients who come to see with me with the types of problems I list on the Home page of this website.


On days I do not work with my clients I am a professional writer with published articles and books on relationships, addiction and the psychology of life, written in a style accessible to all. Having built a reputation as an expert in my area and am frequently consulted by the media, having made numerous national and international appearances on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.









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1-7 Harley Street 





123 Cannon Street

City of London 




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