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 Make the rest of your life the best of your life

 Living our lives consciously understanding why we think, feel and do the things we do is wonderfully empowering. It makes our life, our relationships, our friendships & work lives rich and rewarding. It also helps us make better choices as we become less led by knee jerk reactions and learn to make balanced head and heart decisions.


I concentrate on understanding you as an individual; what is important to you,what hurts and scares you, what makes you happy. In doing so I help you to make sense of your life and relationships and how they can be better. You become more aware of what you need to do to live a life which is rewarding and right for you.


Whether you want to make small life adjustments or big changes my aim is that you experience a level of therapeutic support which feels right for you. I provide you with help and guidance based not only on tried and tested theory but on my extensive experience of what has made a positive difference to the lives of the many others I have sucessfully worked with. And what I experience as having made a positive difference to my life, too - I believe in practicing what I preach!


Whether your aim is to achieve something in the short term, or to manage ongoing situations,naturally what you most want is to begin to feel better. You will leave your first consultation already having taken a big step in that direction. 




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