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What's it like working with Liz?

" I have seen a few therapists and what for me makes a good one is if you feel they give a damn. And I always felt Liz gave a damn. Her support, guidance and understanding for my situation was exceptional. " - Peter H, London


"Liz really opens doors for you that you didn't know existed" - Lawrence


" Liz has been a source of strength and guidance for me and with her help I have faced so many of my anxieties and I am now in a much better place" :-)  -Helen


" I wish I had come to see you a year ago, Liz. because this has made such a difference to my life" Clare, Brighton


"I have restructured my career moved home! Before I came to see Liz I couldn't even decide what I wanted for breakfast... I found the therapy to be truly wonderful experience" - Eden 


"Thank you, Liz, for your endless patience, and having faith in me, I finally have faith in myself which was always needed and very much lacking. This is a new era for me." Jane. Tonbridge Wells.


"You have helped me to change my life so much and it means such a lot that you never gave up on me at all." Sam


"Me and my family  just had a great Christmas and it's because I feel so much better in myself from talking to you Liz and knowing you understand. You really have changed my life!" Natalie. Brighton

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1-7 Harley Street 





123 Cannon Street

City of London 




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